Aurora Homeless Initiative

Seeking solutions for unhoused individuals and their impacts on business, community and government.


Seeking solutions for the unhoused communities in Aurora Colorado, and its impact on business, communities, and organizations.


Bridging Communities, Building Futures

The Aurora Homeless Initiative is an advicacy group based in Aurora, Colorado, dedicated to addressing the growing issue of homelessness in our city. Our mission is to develop and implement effective, empathetic solutions through research, collaboration, and mediation. By fostering open dialogue and cooperation between the city government, business owners, homeless individuals, and neighborhood communities, we aim to create sustainable strategies that benefit everyone involved.

We understand that homelessness is a complex and multifaceted issue that affects not only those without homes but also the businesses and neighborhoods that make up our vibrant community. Our approach involves comprehensive data analysis, community engagement, and the promotion of innovative policies. We strive to understand the root causes of homelessness, identify gaps in current services, and advocate for supportive housing, mental health services, and employment opportunities.

At the Aurora Homeless Initiative, we believe in addressing homelessness with compassion and respect. We work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of the homeless are heard and their needs met, while also supporting businesses and neighborhoods impacted by this crisis. Our mediation efforts are aimed at bridging divides, fostering understanding, and building consensus, ensuring that all perspectives are considered in the decision-making process.

The Aurora Homeless Initiative is committed to making a lasting impact on the community by promoting empathy, inclusivity, and systemic change. We envision a future where homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring, and where every member of our community has the opportunity to thrive.

Annual Aurora cost of unhoused enforcement.

Estimated unhoused individuals in Aurora CO in 2023

amount Aurora plans to spend on unhoused support facilities in 2024

number of unhoused sleeping in shelters as of 2023

Aurora Homeless Initiative